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Data for financial year ending 31 March 2020

One Plus One Marriage And Partnership Research

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Charity no. 1087994 Company no. 04133340

Contact details

Public address

  • C/O Mha Macintyre Hudson, 6Th Floor, 2 London Wall Place, London, EC2Y 5AU

Aims & activities

One Plus One puts research into practice. We investigate what makes relationships work or fall apart and make the findings accessible through publications, web services, training and resources, to everyone interested in strengthening and supporting couple and family relationships.

What the charity does

  • Education/training

Who the charity helps

  • The general public/mankind

How the charity works

  • Provides services
  • Sponsors or undertakes research

Income and Endowments:




Assets and liabilities

  • £35.8K Own use assets
  • £0.0K Long term investments
  • £0.0K Defined benefit pension scheme asset or liability
  • £296.8K Other assets
  • £25.2K Total liabilities
Financial history
Compliance history


Raises funds from the Public

Charitable spending ratios


Charitable objects

(A) To advance the education of the public in all aspects of committed relationships;(B)to safeguardand protectthe mental,physical, emotional and psycological health of people involved in committed relationships and their dependent;(C) to prevent and relieve poverty,hardship and distress caused by difficulties in, or the breakdown of, committed relationships for people involved in such relationships and their dependents; and(d) to further such other exclusively charitable purposes according to the law of England and Wales that the trustees in their absolute discretion from time to time determine; where 'committed relationship' means marriage, civil partnerships, or an enduring family relationship whether recognized in law or otherwise, and whether or not the relationship is conducted in the same household.

Governing document

MEMORANDUM AND ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED 29TH DECEMBER 2000, AS AMENDED BY SPECIAL RESOLUTIONS DATED 11TH JULY 2001 AND 16TH FEBRUARY 2009 as amended on 18 Jun 2019 as amended on 16 Jun 2020 as amended on 16 Jun 2020

Organisation type

Standard registration

Other names

One Plus One


Risk management
Safeguarding vulnerable beneficiaries
Conflicts of interest
Complaints handling
Paying staff
  • 9 Trustees
  • 9 Employees
  • 0 Volunteers

Trustee board

Trustee Other trusteeships Charity status
Liz Mills None on record
Ruth Kennedy (Chair) None on record
Emma Ries None on record
Katharine Scott None on record
Josephine Richardson St Mary Islington Community Partnership Up-to-date
Sarah Healey None on record
Jonathan Richard Marston Slater None on record
Eleanor Alison Boase None on record
Simon James Eckstein None on record

Areas of operation

List of regions

  • Throughout England And Wales